Points System

Points System

Points System


Points System of QeekView

5000 Points = $1 USD

Video Points System

Video Add = 7 Points
Video View = 7 Points
Video Share = 5 Points

Image Points System

Image Add = 4 Points
Image View = 4 Points
Image Share = 3 Points

Gif Points System

Gif Add = 4 Points
Gif View = 4 Points
Gif Share = 3 Points

Quotes Points System

Quotes Add = 4 Points
Quotes View = 4 Points
Quotes Share = 3 Points

*Any Time Changeable

You will get 500 points for a valid refer.

Your referred account need to be active on our app. Don’t create fake accounts to refer yourself. We will check both accounts before sending payments. Refer points will be added immediately to your accounts but will be deducted later if we find any invalid activity.